It IS the end of the world as we know it.

While it may not be as romanticized as Independence Day’s alien invasion, even without R.E.M echoing in my head, I recognize Covid-19 as the clear catalyst to Earth’s Perfect Storm for change. The coronavirus has set into motion an impeccably planned chain of events, designed to establish unprecedented planetary evolution. Human beings currently living through this period of accelerated planetary change, are rapidly advancing into a radically different era in human existence: The Age of Aquarius.

A new era. A digitally globalized world. It’s here and it’s manifesting itself faster than many people realize. An entirely new foundation for the human lifestyle – communication, interaction, value systems, and measures of success – is emerging. Human’s will be compelled to transform society, shaping it to fit our developing digital world.

Only the Universe is capable of conducting an operation adept enough to break through human’s greatest fear, our fear of change, or truly anything that falls into the category of the unknown.

Yet, with relative ease, Covid-19 is creating the blueprint necessary to reset human existence: An entirely unknown and unexpected scenario. Affecting every human being and the planet as a whole. The repercussions of which make the acceptance and integration of a (previously less-than-imaginable) solution more attractive than the present situation.

Throughout 2020, the rippling effects and byproducts generated by the coronavirus will organically deconstruct societal norms making it implausible to consider a return to the past. As the Universal plan unfolds, the benefits of an increasingly available, alternate socioeconomic structure will naturally highlight themselves. This remarkable groundwork is exquisitely and precisely designed, to support our planet’s next inescapable leap within time and space.

Earth cannot achieve this cosmic transition on her own. She must have implicit cooperation from humanity. Covid-19 will allow us to make this leap organically, unknowingly acting as willing participants in our planetary transformation.

Over the course of the next few months and ultimately decade, a majority of humanity must pass through the Five Stages of Grief, consciously or unconsciously, mourning life as they know it. In one year, the chain of events sparked by Covid-19 will alter the hearts and minds of mankind – forever revolutionizing the foundation of human life – well, at least for the next two thousand years. Welcome to 2020.

***Caveat for readers: While knowledge of astrology is not necessary to the overall understanding of this article, it may serve as a useful context to bear in mind while reading. As a brief overview, for those less familiar with astrology, according to ancient astrological recordings, mankind will experience six, separate “ages,” (each age lasting approximately 2,100 years) dating from the first appearance of humankind on earth. Earth’s astrological ages roll in and out much like the tide – ebbing and flowing in intensity – as our planet stays the course of her own astrological journey. While opinions differ regarding the exact year during which The Age of Aquarius began its ascent, the world community of astrologers agree that Earth has been traversing the cosmos, leaving The Age of Pisces and passing squarely into The Age of Aquarius for roughly the last 63 years. Most astrologists believe the tide began to rise between October of 1957, when the Russians launched Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite into orbit, and August 1999 when many of us may remember watching the total eclipse of the sun through protective glasses. Aquarius, symbolizing innovation and inventions has been strongly linked to technology. The sign is also symbolically linked to rebellious personality characteristics such as challenging authority and overthrowing traditional power structures and value systems. Aquarius looks to tear down outdated and unjust social frameworks, intuitively replacing these constructs with innovative solutions.

Stage 1 – Denial:

The first stage of grief, Denial, while relatively self-explanatory, serves a critical foundation to the master strategy. The first hints of denial were reflected in the global non-reaction to the newly emerging coronavirus in December 2019. Encapsulating the planet in a wave-like effect, Covid-19 transformed the health, mobility, and economic stability of citizens across the globe – exacerbating its harshness relative to each location’s population dynamics. Even now, as governments continue to lockdown entire populations, many people remain in full denial that their lives will not return-to-normal. Mankind is still understandably clinging to the hope that, once the ‘curve flattens’, herd immunity takes effect, or a vaccine is invented, life-as-they-knew-it will return.

Complete-denial on a global scale is necessary, on some level, to build the momentum Covid-19 will require to catalyze monumental, societal change. We already live in technically advanced society and yet, most people are not fully ready to release their traditional, analog based life-styles. The truth is, after being submerged in technological advances, humanity must now be held under this new (artificial?) reality in order to truly experience the loss-of-control and connection to their former lives. While in many ways humans are grasping for breath, a careful assessment of the circumstances reveals that we have just enough ‘oxygen’ to survive – for now. Perhaps even more fascinating, is that the longer we are forced to breath through a straw, the faster the the supply is growing – virtually. As we learn to swim, in our new digital society, humans are quickly discovering something revolutionary. It turns out, aside from limited access to outside food, healthcare, and infrastructure, all of which are still attainable, we cansurvive while meeting nearly all of our physical needs solely through the use of the internet.

Even seemingly basic constructs, such as large chain supermarkets and big-box retailers will not exist, in their current brick and mortar consumer shopping capacity, for long. Closing these physical retail locations slowly, and altering how goods are purchased, will serve as part of the bridging-process to an all-encompassing digital age. This phased strategy allows the internet’s supply capabilities to catch up with its new, and vastly expanded consumer base as well as easing the change process for consumers.

As individuals across the globe dutifully enact the social-distancing protocols needed to bring us into the heart of The Age of Aquarius, we are already seeing the effects. Many people who, even a few weeks ago, would never have dreamed of obtaining most household items online are becoming more and more inclined, comfortable, and proficient in ordering more than just necessities off the internet — from groceries and cleaning products, to clothes, widgets, and even furnishings. In fact, people are even acclimating to the concept of receiving top-notch, restaurant style, meals including appetizers and desserts, prepared by leading chefs, delivered straight to their door. Even more intriguing, is the introduction of the concept entitled “contactless-delivery” ultimately allowing this entire process to complete itself without the consumer needing to see or interact with another human person.

Covid-19 has created a natural scenario in which, a vastly expanded number of people, are completing All of their transactions without the need for interpersonal interactions. What is most compelling about this situation, is not that people are capable of ordering items online. We all know this is possible and most people use this convenience to some extent. What is most curious here, is what no one seems to be focused on, when a new behavior is repeated regularly, it becomes less novel… and instead forms a habit.

Stage 2 – Anger:

The intensity of humanity’s frustration and anger, catalyzed by the effects of Covid-19, will cause two significant shifts in our economic and societal structures. I will address one of the two in this article.

Consider for a moment, the severe isolation human beings have been thrust into due to the restrictions of a Covid-19 infected world. An important element of this confinement — in part as a result of initial denial and, in part due to the sheer speed with which it was able to travel — is that there was little-to-no warning regarding of the confinement that was about to occur and the extent to which it would envelope humanity, both in scope and in time-span. This lack of warning, left little opportunity to see loved-ones before societal lock-downs began. The lack of human connection, such as school, office, social events and religious services, has been exacerbated by the fact that even neighbors are being instructed to keep their distance. Families who are lucky enough to live in the same town are reluctantly choosing to remain separated for fear of passing the virus to elderly parents or grandparents. These factors, although debatable in their effectiveness for stopping the spread of the coronavirus, are not accidental. Near complete detachment from others, in a physical capacity, serves a critical role in the execution of the Universe’s master plan.

Social Distancing is not a random by-product, of a well-meant attempt, to stop the spread of contagious pathogens. It is an intentional piece of the cosmic strategy to place us firmly in the Age of Aquarius. Lack of human contact breaks down the fundamental mindset of how we, as human beings are designed to interact with others.

Mankind is genetically wired to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with 93% of our message transmitting from nonverbal elements such as facial expressions, eye contact, body language, tone of voice and even pheromones. “Non-verbals” encompass anything and everything that is not a spoken word including factors such as ambiance, time of day, the outfit an individual chose to wear and even how that person feels about their outfit. Non-verbal communication is as nuanced as it is powerful, and it is critical to effective human interaction.

Experiencing a situation in real-time, informs our ability to pivot, often at critical and game changing moments, and heightens our chance of successfully influencing and persuading others into action.

Unfortunately, a quarantine alone will not be enough to force a virtual communication shift. The Universe, in her infinite wisdom, expanded this dynamic one step farther with the multi-faceted “Mask-Effect.” This element acts as a carefully crafted strategy within a strategy.

Building off of the isolating effects of social distancing, the additional requirement to wear masks will produce a number of unique dynamics. Obstructing the physical view of human faces, the Mask-Effect increasingly perpetuates a “Me vs. Them’’ mentality. Removing the ability to read other’s expressions outside of the home, it eliminates nearly all remaining forms of non-verbal communication. Unfortunately this additional isolating influence must be experienced in order to generate two integral cultural shifts.

First, it serves to accustom people to the concept of interacting with less-than human appearing countenances. While this may sound like a bit of a stretch at the moment, it will quickly become apparent, paving the way for more comfortable interaction with Artificial Intelligence.

The second, and more immediate, critical shift masks will elicit is ultimately heartwarming. Due to its severe restriction of empathetic connection, the mandate to wear masks will incite a true Humanized revolution! This play is perhaps one of the Universe’s most pivotal moves. Unable to communicate instinctively as evolution intended, we will eventually revolt, just as the Universe intends. People will rise up and say Enough. We miss seeing each other! Email is not enough! Phone calls are not enough! Business meetings and classroom learning environments are not effective without visual communication. Most importantly, in this time of great stress and grief, we cannot genuinely express empathy for eachother without non-verbal expressions.

Stage 3 -Bargaining:

Despite our grief, mankind is in many ways a loving and compassionate species. Regardless of varying perspectives and feelings around the fatality of Covid-19 as a health pandemic, the majority of people will not flood the streets callously crossing social distancing boundaries in order to bring about this Virtual Revolution.

Instead, out of the necessity for true human communication, and in order to effectively learn, teach, conduct business and regularly interact with loved ones, humanity will rapidly overcome the negative connotations associated with virtual communication and Its associated platforms.

With all of these aspects in play, one of the most important factors to realize is this: Covid-19 is not intended to prevent physical human interaction. It is, in part, to bring forth the widespread adoption, and ultimate acceptance, of virtual communication as an everyday normality. As difficult as it may be to believe, in the not-so-distant future, all aspects of human life will revolve around artificial intelligence, space and time travel, and the use of augmented reality tools. Drastic cultural and societal shifts will abound with the use of virtual communication platforms. This will be especially true in the next year, two year, and ten year periods, after which Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality tools and software will expand with lightning speed for roughly the next one thousand years.

Stage 4 – Depression:

As many of us have learned, the stages of grief are not experienced in a linear manner. We cycle through the five sensations, re-experiencing emotions we hoped had run their course. The same will happen as we grieve the loss of our foothold in an analog world.

Sadness will permeate many elements of the letting-go-process this year. None of these societal changes however, will be as sorrowful, difficult or truly heart heavy as letting go of many souls we love dearly, who are not contracted to live in a purely digital environment. Mankind owes the Silent Generation our deepest debt of gratitude and respect. They have carried us through the most difficult transitory period between The Age of Pisces and The Age of Aquarius. Holding our planet steady, through genuine dedication to hard work and education, these brave souls adapted quickly to the rapid onset of industrial and digital innovation with impressive dexterity and grit. The Silent Generation may represent the last resilient souls genuinely possessing the ability to survive in both worlds.

The Age of Aquarius will bring with it dramatically different values systems and frameworks for constituting expertise and success. As a society we will begin to rely less on the “accredited” knowledge of scholars and university degrees, preferring instead to rely on a sense of ‘intuitive knowing.’ A framework of Anything-Is-Possible will rapidly fuel innovation and uncover discoveries in social intelligence, medicine, biotechnology, fabrics, materials, food production and nutrition, artificial intelligence and augmented reality tools and software.

Mankind is leaving many things we cherish behind and yet, many of us will find we are ready. In fact, we have been waiting for this push, knowing inevitably it was approaching – much like the moment one recognizes they’ve outgrown the present but still wishes to remain within their comfort zone, blissfully or willfully oblivious to future challenges.

The time has come to grow. Truth is, deep down, we know it.

Stage 5 – Acceptance:

As humanitys’ forced isolation and social distancing experience draw to a close near the end of 2020, so too will the initial grief process. Despite our denial, rage, bargaining and sadness something surprising will occur. The same people lamenting the loss of their old lives, will begin to realize they have become accustomed to this new-normal. In fact, many will find to their own surprise, they are remiss to let go of these new ‘perks’ they have come to enjoy.

Working from home, couples will operate as a team, balancing raising children with their professional careers, partners will find a that natural equation of child-rearing, housework, and corporate responsibilities have begun to unfold. Older children especially will have acclimated to attending school online which, although rudimentary at the moment, will rapidly convert to more natural virtual communication platforms over the next five to ten years. Many businesses will discover that, despite allowing staff to work from home for nearly a year, they were not only successful but in many ways more productive. Employees will reap the benefits of an improved work-life balance, utilizing consistently advancing AI/AR tools to conduct business virtually. Eliminating messy commutes and drawing families and communities closer together, Covid will help humans reconnect and enjoy their neighborhoods and community.

Simultaneously, people will realize they are no longer anchored to a specific geographic area for survival. Embracing this freedom of movement individuals will have a new-found ability to live, work and raise their family wherever they choose.

Many people, even those with young families, will move into cities where transportation and walkability is easiest. American suburbs will increasingly become a phenomenon of the past while many of these commuter based neighborhoods will transition into self-sustaining communities of their own. Replicating the organic growth of city-states in 750 B.C. Ancient Greece and again during the 14th century Renaissance following the Middle Ages, new cities will emerge as people re-evaluate their modern living conditions.

Humans will focus even more on health and sustainability, supporting local farms and consuming whole foods that are naturally available with respect to the local ecosystem. Large chain supermarkets and big-box retailers will eventually close for good over the course of the next decade, adapting to provide a entirely virtual experience for the consumer. Grocery stores and restaurants will evolve into dual purpose markets serving as a gathering place for communities to congregate. While restaurants will not disappear, many chefs may choose to team up with grocery store owners or farmers, preparing ready-made meals for purchase utilizing the farm-to-table ingredients sold on-site with an optional ‘stay or go’ style. People may choose to enjoy a fully prepared chef style meal as take out, delivery, or sit-down style on-site. Unhealthy fast food chains will quietly disappear as humans begin to focus on the benefits of a more holistic lifestyle.

By the end of 2020, there will be no denying Earth has officially entered The Age of Aquarius. Over the course of the next decade, the revolutionary changes sparked by Covid-19 will cement themselves into our society becoming an integral part of human life.

Individuals, businesses and communities that recognize what is occurring fastest, and adapt willing to our planet’s inevitable evolution, will fare best in the early stages of this new age. Those who drag their feet, even into 2021 and beyond, will experience the most difficult transition.

One thing is certain, at the end of 2020 our planet will remain forever changed. The Age of Aquarius will hardly resemble the last 2 millennia on earth. Are you Ready??

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

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